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Internet Services - Email solutions

Email Solutions

Email solutions should be designed to match your specific requirements. We offer a variety of email solutions, from providing a single professional looking email address such as '' to virus and spam protected mailboxes for every employee in your company.

Email requirements vary greatly from company to company. Sometimes a single email address accessible by everyone in a company may be sufficient. Other companies require sophisticated email redirection with pseudonames like '', or '' being redirected to individual employee's email boxes. We can provide a fully managed service, preconfigurating your specific solution on your behalf removing the need for your company to have any technical know-how.

Managed Outlook Mailbox

Finally we can offer fully hosted Microsoft Outlook mailboxes with 1Gb of storage. These offer advanced features capable of linking to your mobile phone, PDA or simply direct to your PC. These mailboxes also have full calendar, task management and note facility as well as sophisticated contact management. Your mailbox offers the maximum in convenience and can be accessed from any Internet connected computer via a web browser without losing any of the sophistication. Simply connect your laptop to any Internet point whilst out of the office, and use the familiar Outlook application which automatically creates a secure link to your mail box across the Internet.


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