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Computer MOT/Security Checkup

Are you confident that your computer is secure against the latest viruses and spyware?

roundiconsWe unfortunately live in an age where we cannot just assume that our computers are secure against the latest threats. Threats such as viruses that caused problems 12 months ago have moved on and new threats have emerged primarily Spyware which is now causing far greater problems.

We all use our computers more and more and assume that they will be reliable and “just work” but like a car they require regular maintenance to ensure that they continue to perform in tip-top condition.

During our security check of your computer we firstly ask about how you, your family and your business use your computer. It may be for word processing, email and internet browsing, music downloading or for internet banking, online shopping or running your business. Spyware and viruses can create a lot of unnecessary and harmful damage to your computer and prevention is ALWAYS better than cure.

While we are doing this we will also scan your computer for current security vulnerabilities or breaches and explain these to you in simple terms. We then explain how these can affect your day to day computer use. We can then resolve these issues and install appropriate measures to protect your computer for the future.

There are many free protection software programs which are very suitable for many types of users, so often there are no extra costs, all you pay for is the checkup.